A novel Go-mediated phototransduction cascade in scallop visual cells.

  title={A novel Go-mediated phototransduction cascade in scallop visual cells.},
  author={Daisuke Kojima and Akihisa Terakita and Tomoko Ishikawa and Yasuo Tsukahara and Akio Maeda and Yoshinori Shichida},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={272 37},
Scallop retinas contain ciliary photoreceptor cells that respond to light by hyperpolarization like vertebrate rods and cones, but the response is generated by a different phototransduction cascade from those of rods and cones. To elucidate the cascade, we investigated a visual pigment and a G-protein functioning in the hyperpolarizing cell. Sequencing of cDNAs and in situ hybridization experiments showed that the hyperpolarizing cells express a novel subtype of visual pigment, which showed… CONTINUE READING
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