A novel Fuzzy dynamic observer for high speed BLDC motor

  title={A novel Fuzzy dynamic observer for high speed BLDC motor},
  author={Mohammad Divandari and Fatemeh Shahsavari and M. Rezaeimoghadam and A. Dadpour},
  journal={2013 IEEE XXXIII International Scientific Conference Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO)},
In this paper, a high performance brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive based on a fuzzy dynamic observer (FDO) is investigated. The FDO acts on the motor current and its gains are corrected by estimating current, rotor position and speed by fuzzy logic control (FLC). FLC is correcting gain's FDO via real time. A PI speed control was chosen due to its low processing time and fast control. In order to reduce the model complexity, the back-EMF is assumed as being trapezoidal in a simplified machine… CONTINUE READING