A novel 3D shape context method based strain analysis on a rat stomach model.


The stomach has the ability to change its geometry and volume during digestion. Thus, the stomach shape changes dynamically due to changes in contents and due to pressure from adjacent organs. Full-field strain analysis is therefore important for accurate estimation of the true deformation in this highly non-homogeneous, anisotropic organ. The aim of this study is to introduce a modified non-rigid image registration based 3D shape context method combined with a full-field strain analysis method to describe a distension-induced 3D gastric deformation. The geometry of a normal rat stomach at distension pressures from 0.05 kPa to 0.8 kPa were obtained by ultrasonic scanning. The full-field strain distribution of the 3D gastric model between the reference state and the distended state were computed on the basis of the improved 3D shape context method and full-field strain analysis method. The registered surface showed a good agreement with the real deformed surface for all distension states. However, the errors increased with the distension pressure due to increasing dissimilarity between the deformed and the reference surface. The strain distributions on the stomach surface were non-uniform with the largest deformation in the non-glandular part and the greater and lesser curvature when the pressure was higher than 0.2 kPa. The wall stiffness of the non-glandular part was softer than that of the glandular part. The modelling analysis method which is closely allied with the non-rigid image registration and strain analysis provides a kinematically possible deformation mode of the gastric wall. This method can be potentially used for clinical data estimating the kinematical properties of the human visceral organs in health and disease.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2012.04.016

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