A novel 3-phase SPWM technique: instantaneously floating the neutral point

  title={A novel 3-phase SPWM technique: instantaneously floating the neutral point},
  author={Zhang Qing and Liu Zhi-hui and Chen Jian},
  journal={Proceedings of Second International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems},
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On the basis of discussion of harmonic injection SPWM (HI-SPWM) and voltage space vector PWM (VSV-PWM), a novel SPWM technique (IF-SPWM), which is really simplest and well designed to obtain maximum inverter gain, minimum switching frequency and to avoid the disadvantages of HI-SPWM, is proposed. The IF-SPWM is based on instantaneously floating the equivalent neutral point of the output of a 3-phase inverter i.e. instantaneously injecting the same voltage waveform into the phase voltages. The… Expand
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