A note on vertex pancyclic oriented graphs

  title={A note on vertex pancyclic oriented graphs},
  author={Yubao GuoyMay},
  • Yubao GuoyMay
  • Published 1997
Let D be an oriented graph of order n 9, minimum degree n ? 2, such for choice of distinct vertices x and y, either xy 2 E(D) or d + (x)+d ? (y) n?3. Song (J. Graph Theory 18 (1994), 461{468) proved that D is pancyclic. In this note, we give a short proof, based on Song's result, that D is in fact vertex pancyclic. This also generalizes a result of Jackson (J. Graph Theory 5 (1981), 147{157) for the existence of a hamiltonian cycle in oriented graphs. An oriented graph is a digraph without… CONTINUE READING