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A note on solvable maximal subgroups in subnormal subgroups of ${\mathrm GL}_n(D)$

  title={A note on solvable maximal subgroups in subnormal subgroups of \$\{\mathrm GL\}\_n(D)\$},
  author={Huynh Viet Khanh and Bui Xuan Hai},
  journal={arXiv: Rings and Algebras},
Let $D$ be a non-commutative division ring, $G$ a subnormal subgroup of ${\mathrm GL}_n(D)$. In this note we show that if $G$ contains a non-abelian solvable maximal subgroup, then $n=1$ and $D$ is a cyclic algebra of prime degree over $F$. 
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