A note on elliptic curves over finite fields

  title={A note on elliptic curves over finite fields},
  author={Hans-Georg R{\"u}ck},
  journal={Mathematics of Computation},
Let E be an elliptic curve over a finite field k and let E(k) be the group of k-rational points on E. We evaluate all the possible groups E(k) where E runs through all the elliptic curves over a given fixed finite field k. 
Group Structure of Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields
Abstract Let A be a finite abelian group such that there is an elliptic curve defined over a finite field F q with E( F q)≅A. We will determine the possible group structures E( F qk) as E varies over
Topic In Elliptic Curves Over Finite Fields: The Groups of Points
This article is a short introduction to the theory of the groups of points of elliptic curves over finite fields. It is concerned with the elementary theory and practice of elliptic curves
Counting Prime Divisors on Elliptic Curves and Multiplication in Finite Fields
Let K/F q be an elliptic function field. For every natural number n we determine the number of prime divisors of degree n of K/F q which lie in a given divisor class of K.
On Group Structures Realized by Elliptic Curves over Arbitrary Finite Fields
Some of the results are rigorous and are based on recent advances in analytic number theory; some are conditional under certain widely believed conjectures; and others are purely heuristic in nature.
Elliptic curves over finite fields : number theoretic and cryptographic aspects
Several natural questions about elliptic curves are presented, mostly over finite fields, that have led to some interesting number theoretic questions and whose solutions require rather involved techniques from various area of number theory.
On the lattices from elliptic curves over finite fields
  • Min Sha
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Finite Fields Their Appl.
  • 2015
On Group Structures Realized by Elliptic Curves over a Fixed Finite Field
These formulas are used to derive some asymptotic estimates and tight upper and lower bounds for various counting functions related to classification of elliptic curves according to their group structure.
We show that finite fields over which there is a curve of a given genus g ≥ 1 with its Jacobian having a small exponent, are very rare. This extends a recent result of Duke in the case of g = 1. We
Constructions of Sequences from Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields
  • C. Xing
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2001
This paper surveys some recent constructions of various sequences based on algebraic curves over finite fields and includes sequences with good linear complexity profiles and sequence families with both large linear complexities and low correlation.


  • S. Lang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1955
We shall generalize to Abelian varieties the well-known fact that an elliptic curve over a finite field always has a rational point (see Theorem 3). Our first theorem is purely algebraic and
Endomorphisms of abelian varieties over finite fields
Almost all of the general facts about abelian varieties which we use without comment or refer to as "well known" are due to WEIL, and the references for them are [12] and [3]. Let k be a field, k its
Die Typen der Multiplikatorenringe elliptischer Funktionenkörper
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  • Variétés Abèliennes et Courbes Algébriques
  • 1948
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  • 1948