A note on distinct distance subsets

  title={A note on distinct distance subsets},
  author={Marcos Charalambides},
  journal={Journal of Geometry},
It is shown that given a set of N points in the plane, sphere or hyperbolic plane, there is a subset of size $${\gtrsim (N/\log N)^{1/3}}$$≳(N/logN)1/3 with all pairwise distances between points distinct. 
A note on distinct distances
  • O. Raz
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
  • 2020
Abstract We show that, for a constant-degree algebraic curve γ in ℝD, every set of n points on γ spans at least Ω(n4/3) distinct distances, unless γ is an algebraic helix, in the sense ofExpand
Applications of the Canonical Ramsey Theorem to Geometry
Let P be a set of n points in R^d. How big is the largest subset X of P such that all of the distances determined between pairs are different? We show that X is at at least Omega(n^{1/6d}) This isExpand
Chapter 9: Distinct distances variants
Let subset(n) = min|P|=n subset(P). In other words, subset(n) is the maximum number satisfying the property that every set of n points in the plane contains a subset of subset(n) points that do notExpand
The study of combinatorial properties of finite point configurations is a vast area of research in geometry, whose origins go back at least to the ancient Greeks. Since it includes virtually allExpand
Distinct Angle Problems and Variants
It is shown that the number of distinct angles formed by n points in general position is O(n2), providing the first non-trivial bound for this quantity, and a new class of asymptotically optimal point configurations with no four cocircular points is introduced. Expand
Distinct Volume Subsets
The best known bound for the function h_{2,d}(n) is improved and it is shown that it is at least a power of $n$ for all positive integers a and d. Expand
Incidences between points and generalized spheres over finite fields and related problems
Let $\mathbb{F}_q$ be a finite field of $q$ elements where $q$ is a large odd prime power and $Q =a_1 x_1^{c_1}+...+a_dx_d^{c_d}\in \mathbb{F}_q[x_1,...,x_d]$, where $2\le c_i\le N$, $\gcd(c_i,q)=1$,Expand
Distinct Distances: Open Problems and Current Bounds
The variants of Erdýos’ distinct distances problem are surveyed and the current best bounds for each of those are surveyed. Expand
Extremal Problems in Analysis
In this thesis, we consider a selection of extremal problems which arise in mathematical analysis. The problems themselves come from a variety of fields of mathematics including the theory ofExpand
A survey of Elekes-R\'onyai-type problems
We give an overview of recent progress around a problem introduced by Elekes and Rónyai. The prototype problem is to show that a polynomial f ∈ R[x, y] has a large image on a Cartesian product A×B ⊂Expand


On Sets of Distances of n Points
1. The function f(n). Let [P. ] be the class of all planar subsets P. of n points and denote by f(n) the minimum number of different distances determined by its n points for P,, an element of { P. }.Expand
Repeated Angles in the Plane and Related Problems
Abstract We show that a set of n points in the plane determine O(n2 log n) triples that define the same angle α, and that for many angles α (including π 2 ) this bound is tight in the worst case. WeExpand
Distinct Distances Determined By Subsets of a Point Set in Space
This work answers the question to determine the largest number fd(k) = f with the property that almost all k-element subsets of any n-element set in Rd determine at least f distinct distances, for all sufficiently large n. Expand
Isosceles Triangles Determined by a Planar Point Set
It is proved that, for any ɛ>0 and n>n0(ɛ), every set of n points in the plane has at most triples that induce isosceles triangles, which easily implies the best currently known lower bound, , for the smallest number of distinct distances determined by n points by Solymosi–Cs. Expand
Point sets with distinct distances
An efficient sequential algorithm for finding a subset of a given set with the desired properties, for example with distinct distances, of size as guaranteed by the probabilistic method under a more general setting is given. Expand
Extremal problems in discrete geometry
Several theorems involving configurations of points and lines in the Euclidean plane are established, including one that shows that there is an absolute constantc3 so that whenevern points are placed in the plane not all on the same line, then there is one point on more thanc3n of the lines determined by then points. Expand
On distinct distances among points in general position and other related problems
  • A. Dumitrescu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Period. Math. Hung.
  • 2008
It is shown that there exist n-element point sets in the plane in general position, and parallelogram free, that determine only O(n2/√log n) distinct distances, answering a question of Erdős, Hickerson and Pach. Expand
On the Erdos distinct distance problem in the plane
In this paper, we prove that a set of $N$ points in ${\bf R}^2$ has at least $c{N \over \log N}$ distinct distances, thus obtaining the sharp exponent in a problem of Erd\"os. We follow the set-up ofExpand
Research problems in discrete geometry
This chapter discusses 100 Research Problems in Discrete Geometry from the Facsimile edition of the World Classics in Mathematics Series, vol. Expand
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