A note on brane tension and M-theory

  title={A note on brane tension and M-theory},
  author={S. P. de Alwis},
  • S. P. de Alwis
  • Published 1996
We point out that some M-theory results for brane tension, can be derived from Polchinski’s formula for D-brane tension. We also argue that this formula determines gravitational and gauge couplings in the low energy but quantum exact effective action. e-mail: dealwis@gopika.colorado.edu Polchinski’s formula for the tensions of D-branes [1] states that the tension Tp of a D (p)-brane is given by, T 2 p = 2π 2κ (4πα), (0.1) where 1/2πα is the fundamental string tension and 2κ is (16π times… CONTINUE READING
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