A note on automatic continuity

  title={A note on automatic continuity},
  author={Gregory R. Conner and Samuel M. Corson},
  journal={Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society},
We present new results regarding automatic continuity, unifying some diagonalization concepts that have been developed over the years. For example, any homomorphism from a completely metrizable topological group to Thompson's group $F$ has open kernel. A similar claim holds when $F$ is replaced with a Baumslag-Solitar group or a torsion-free word hyperbolic group. 

On definable subgroups of the fundamental group

Deeply concatenable subgroups might never be free

We show that certain algebraic structures lack freeness in the absence of the axiom of choice. These include some subgroups of the Baer-Specker group $\mathbb{Z}^{\omega}$ and the Hawaiian earring

Abstract group actions of locally compact groups on CAT(0) spaces

We study abstract group actions of locally compact Hausdorff groups on CAT(0) spaces. Under mild assumptions on the action we show that it is continuous or has a global fixed point. This mirrors


These are notes on the open problem session run by Priyam Patel and Nicholas Vlamis for the infinite-type surfaces group at the 2021 Nearly Carbon Neutral Geometric Topology conference organized by

Inverse limit slender groups

Classically, an abelian group G is said to be slender if every homomorphism from the countable product Z to G factors through the projection to some finite product Z. Various authors have proposed

Automatic continuity for groups whose torsion subgroups are small

Abstract We prove that a group homomorphism φ : L → G \varphi\colon L\to G from a locally compact Hausdorff group 𝐿 into a discrete group 𝐺 either is continuous, or there exists a normal open

Mapping class groups with the Rokhlin property

We classify the connected orientable 2-manifolds whose mapping class groups have a dense conjugacy class. We also show that the mapping class group of a connected orientable 2-manifold has a comeager

The number of homomorphisms from the Hawaiian earring group

Automatic continuity of ℵ1-free groups

We prove that groups for which every countable subgroup is free (ℵ1-free groups) are n-slender, cm-slender, and lcH-slender. In particular, every homomorphism from a completely metrizable group to an



On definable subgroups of the fundamental group

On Endomorphisms of torsion-Free hyperbolic Groups

A mixed (con jugate/non-conjugate) version of the classical Whitehead problem for tuples is solvable in torsion-free hyperbolic groups.

Torsion-free word hyperbolic groups are noncommutatively slender

This result demonstrates that random finitely presented groups in the few- relator sense of Gromov are noncommutatively slender.

Fundamental groups of one-dimensional spaces

Let X be a metrizable one-dimensional continuum. In the present paper we describe the fundamental group of X as a subgroup of its Cech homotopy group. In particular, the elements of the Cech homotopy

Some results on one-relator groups

REMARK. An element g of a group is divisible by an integer n, or has a divisor ny if g has an wth root in the group. By the length of the relator is meant the letter length of the relator as a word

Atomic Properties of the Hawaiian Earring Group for HNN Extensions

In 2011, while investigating fundamental groups of wild spaces, K.Eda [7] showed that the fundamental group of the Hawaiian earring (the Hawaiian earring group, in short) has the property that for

Combinatorial Group Theory

Chapter I. Free Groups and Their Subgroups 1. Introduction 2. Nielsen's Method 3. Subgroups of Free Groups 4. Automorphisms of Free Groups 5. Stabilizers in Aut(F) 6. Equations over Groups 7.

Additive Gruppen von Folgen Ganzer Zahlen

Die Folgen ganzer Zahlen {a n } (vom Typus ω) bilden auf Grund der Addition {a n } + {b n } = {a n + b n } eine abelsche Gruppe F. Diese Gruppe F und gewisse ihrer Untergruppen sollen im folgenden