A note on Berge-Fulkerson coloring


The Berge–Fulkerson Conjecture states that every cubic bridgeless graph has six perfect matchings such that every edge of the graph is contained in exactly two of these perfect matchings. In this paper, a useful technical lemma is proved that a cubic graph G admits a Berge–Fulkerson coloring if and only if the graph G contains a pair of edge-disjoint… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.disc.2008.12.024


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@article{Hao2009ANO, title={A note on Berge-Fulkerson coloring}, author={Rongxia Hao and Jianbing Niu and Xiaofeng Wang and Cun-Quan Zhang and Taoye Zhang}, journal={Discrete Mathematics}, year={2009}, volume={309}, pages={4235-4240} }