A nonuniform sampling approach for fast ultrasonic flow imaging.

  title={A nonuniform sampling approach for fast ultrasonic flow imaging.},
  author={Wilko Wilkening and Bernhard Brendel and Helmut Ermert},
  journal={Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical engineering},
  volume={48 5},
Conventional Pulsed Wave Doppler (PWD) systems acquire an ensemble of N echoes per beam line at a constant pulse repetition frequency fprf, so that the pulse repetition interval equals Tpri = 1/fpn. The total time span determines the velocity resolution, and Tpri the unambiguous velocity range. The ensemble size N is by approximation inversely proportional to the frame rate, assuming that the system performs interleaving. For a given frame rate, a tradeoff can only be made between velocity… CONTINUE READING

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