A nonthrombogenic, nonanticoagulant-dependent mitral valve prosthesis.

  title={A nonthrombogenic, nonanticoagulant-dependent mitral valve prosthesis.},
  author={Thomas E Palmer and Erwin Lautsch and Miguel E. Sanmarco and Julio C. D{\'a}vila},
  volume={35 4 Suppl},
Thromboembolism stems from incompletely covered foreign body which is in physical continuity with tissue. Cardiac valve prostheses which remain partially exposed show, at the tissue-to-prosthesis junction, incomplete healing which is characterized by continuing granulation and proliferating immature unstable scar tissue, from which thrombosis originates and propagates. The principle of complete encapsulation with healthy granulation tissue, maturation into stable fibrous tissue without… CONTINUE READING