A noninvasive protocol for anterior temporal lobectomy.

  title={A noninvasive protocol for anterior temporal lobectomy.},
  author={Michael R. Sperling and Michael J O'connor and Andrew J. Saykin and Cindy A. Phillips and Martha J. Morrell and P A Bridgman and Jacqueline A. French and N H Gonatas},
  volume={42 2},
We report the results of a protocol for choosing candidates for temporal lobectomy using a standard battery of objective tests without intracranial electrodes. We assigned each test a level of importance, and an algorithm was used to determine whether temporal lobectomy could be performed. Fifty-one patients (total pool, 103 patients) met protocol requirements and had an anterior temporal lobectomy with a mean follow-up of 39.4 months (range, 21 to 64 months), most remaining on anticonvulsant… CONTINUE READING

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