A non-linear elastic model of contraction of ischaemic segments.

  title={A non-linear elastic model of contraction of ischaemic segments.},
  author={Makoto Akaishi and Ricky M. Schneider and P A Seelaus and Lloyd W Klein and Jai B. Agarwal and Richard H. Helfant and William Weintraub},
  journal={Cardiovascular research},
  volume={22 12},
Previous studies have characterised the motion of the myocardium using a linear time varying elastance model, ie, they have sought to characterise the relationship between left ventricular volume and internal pressure as linear, but with time varying slopes over the cardiac cycle. However, the motion of myocardium during regional ischaemia has not been characterized by such models. Studies of totally ischaemic tissue and of myocardium in diastole have characterised the relationship between… CONTINUE READING