A non-anticoagulant heterofucan has antithrombotic activity in vivo.

  title={A non-anticoagulant heterofucan has antithrombotic activity in vivo.},
  author={Edjane M A Barroso and Leandro Silva DA Costa and Valquiria Pereira de Medeiros and Sara Lima Cordeiro and Mariana Santos Santana Pereira Costa and C{\'e}lia Regina Chavichiolo Franco and Helena B. Nader and Edda Lisboa Leite and Hugo Alexandre Oliveira Rocha},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={74 7},
Fucan is a term used to denominate a family of sulfated L-fucose-rich polysaccharides. The brown alga Spatoglossum schröederi (Dictyotaceae) has three heterofucans namely fucan A, B and C. The 21 kDa fucan A is composed of a core of a beta (1-3) glucuronic acid-containing oligosaccharide of 4.5 kDa with branches at C4 of the fucose chains alpha (1-3) linked. The fucose is mostly substituted at C4 with a sulfate group and at C2 with chains of beta (1-4) xylose. This fucan has neither… CONTINUE READING


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