A non-accidental poisoning with ammonia in adolescence.

  title={A non-accidental poisoning with ammonia in adolescence.},
  author={D{\'i}lek D{\'i}ll{\'i} and Ilknur Birol Bostanci and Ulku Tiras and Nebahat Hatipoglu and Yildiz Dallar},
  journal={Child: care, health and development},
  volume={31 6},
Abstract Introduction Ammonia is an important chemical agent used in industry. Accidental inhalation of ammonia has resulted in upper airway and bronchoalveolar injury. If a large amount of ammonia is breathed, the agent can cause unconsciousness, shock and even death. Case In this article, we report a case of non-accidental poisoning in adolescence. The patient was a 14-year-old boy and working as an apprentice at a workshop of a jeweller. He had drunk some amount of diluted ammonia by the… CONTINUE READING