A new validated otoplasty dressing technique


The goal of otoplasty surgery for prominent ears is to normalize the shape and position of both ears with maximal symmetry. The operation is often performed on children; thus, the importance of dressing design has been emphasized in the literature as a factor determining successful outcome. We present an audited method for otoplasty dressing accompanied by an intraoperative photographic sequence. Proflavin-soaked wool is molded into the anatomical sulci anteriorly and a combination of Vaseline gauze and dressing gauze are held in position posteriorly by tying the continuous skin suture over them. Gauze is then placed over the pinna with a thick soft piece of cotton wool covering the whole area bilaterally. Finally, a length of stockinet is used to secure the dressings in place for 10 days, ensuring support, yet without undue pressure. An audit of the cases we have done so far demonstrated no complications relating to the dressing and satisfaction from patients and staff. We have found this otoplasty dressing technique to be simple, economical, and unobtrusive to the patients, while reproducible by junior staff if examination is required prematurely. Compromise of forehead or anterior pinna skin has not been encountered.

DOI: 10.1007/s00238-009-0325-8

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