A new twist in trypanosome RNA metabolism: cis-splicing of pre-mRNA.

  title={A new twist in trypanosome RNA metabolism: cis-splicing of pre-mRNA.},
  author={Gunnar Mair and Huafang Shi and Hao Li and Appolinaire Djikeng and Hernan O Aviles and Jon R B Bishop and Franco H Falcone and C Gavrilescu and J. Montgomery and Maria Isabel Santori and L. S. Stern and Zhaohui Wang and Elisabetta Ullu and Christian Tschudi},
  volume={6 2},
It has been known for almost a decade and a half that in trypanosomes all mRNAs are trans-spliced by addition to the 5' end of the spliced leader (SL) sequence. During the same time period the conviction developed that classical cis-splicing introns are not present in the trypanosome genome and that the trypanosome gene arrangement is highly compact with small intergenic regions separating one gene from the next. We have now discovered that these tenets are no longer true. Poly(A) polymerase… CONTINUE READING