A new tetranortriterpenoid from the roots of Atalantia buxifolia

  title={A new tetranortriterpenoid from the roots of Atalantia buxifolia},
  author={Tao Yang and Yanbo Zeng and Zhi-kai Guo and Wen-jian Zuo and Shan‐Shan Ma and Shangxiao Li and Wenli Mei and Hao-Fu Dai},
  journal={Journal of Asian Natural Products Research},
  pages={581 - 585}
A new tetranortriterpenoid, named 6-deacetyl-severinolide (1), together with six known tetranortriterpenoids severinolide (2), acetyl-isoepiatalantin (3), 7-isovaleroylcycloepiatalantin (4), cycloepiatalantin (5), 7-isovaleroylcycloseverinolide (6), and atalantin (7), was isolated from the ethanol extract of the roots of Atalantia buxifolia collected in Hainan. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods including 1D and 2D NMR (HMQC, 1H–1H COSY, HMBC, and NOESY). 
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  • Reson. Chem. 48, 83
  • 2010