A new technique for pancreaticogastrostomy for the soft pancreas: the transfixing suture method.


BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Pancreatic anastomotic leakage remains a persistent problem after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD). The presence of soft, nonfibrotic pancreatic tissue is one of the most important risk factors for pancreatic leakage. Accordingly, we devised a pancreas-transfixing suture method for pancreaticogastrostomies in patients with a soft, nonfibrotic pancreatic remnant. METHODS The pancreas-transfixing method was applied in 103 consecutive patients after either standard PD (49 patients) or pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy (PPPD) (54 patients) for malignant or benign disease. Of these 103 patients, 65 had a soft, nonfibrotic pancreatic remnant. For the pancreaticogastrostomy technique, an ultrasonically activated scalpel was used for transecting the pancreas. The inner layer involves a duct-to-mucosa anastomosis with an internal stent and the outer layer involves a single row of pancreas-transfixing sutures between the pancreatic remnant and the posterior gastric wall. RESULTS Operative mortality was zero and morbidity was 22%. Only two patients (2%) developed pancreatic leaks; both resolved nonoperatively with the continuation of closed drainage. CONCLUSIONS This technique is simple and appears to reduce the risk of pancreatic leakage, possibly by decreasing the risk of suture injury of the pancreas and by embedding the transected stump into the wall of the stomach. This novel pancreaticogastrostomy technique is an effective reconstructive procedure, especially for patients with a soft, nonfibrotic pancreas.


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