A new subspecies of the amur grayling Thymallus grubii flavomaculatus ssp. nova (Thymallidae)

  title={A new subspecies of the amur grayling Thymallus grubii flavomaculatus ssp. nova (Thymallidae)},
  author={I. B. Knizhin and Anton Lazarinov Antonov and Steven Weiss},
  journal={Journal of Ichthyology},
A new subspecies of the Amur grayling is described, the yellow-spotted grayling Thymallus grubii flavomaculatus ssp. n. populating the upper reaches of large tributaries of the Lower Amur basin and some rivers flowing to the Tatar Strait, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Sea of Japan. From nominative subspecies T. g. grubii populating the basin in the upper reaches of the Amur and from other representatives of the genus Thymallus, this subspecies differs in the dorsal fin pattern whose principal… CONTINUE READING
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