A new stilbene glycoside from Elephantorrhiza goetzei.

  title={A new stilbene glycoside from Elephantorrhiza goetzei.},
  author={Cornelius C W Wanjala and Runner R. T. Majinda},
  volume={72 6},
A new stilbene glycoside, 5-methoxy-(E)-resveratrol 3-O-rutinoside (1) was isolated from the root bark of Elephantorrhiza goetzei, along with known compounds, namely gallic acid, (E)-resveratrol, (+/-)-catechin, (+/-)-gallocatechin and oleanene triterpenoids. The combined ethyl acetate-methanol extract exhibited high lethality against brine shrimp larvae (LC(50) 10.8 ppm) compared to the isolates, some of which were not active. 

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