A new spotted Chiloschista (Orchidaceae: Aeridinae) from Bhutan

  title={A new spotted Chiloschista (Orchidaceae: Aeridinae) from Bhutan},
  author={Choki Gyeltshen and Stig Dalstr{\"o}m and Nima Gyeltshen and Kezang Tobgay},
A new species of Chiloschista from a restricted area in Bhutan is described and illustrated. It is compared with C. parishii from Myanmar and Thailand, which has similarly colored flowers and from which it differs by the larger flowers, 15–18 mm versus 8–10 mm, and the lack of a glandular and pubescent, erect and curved callus lobe inside the lip, which is generally seen in other similarly colored species of this genus. Key Words: Aeridinae, Bhutan, Himalaya, new Chiloschista, Orchidaceae… Expand
Two new spotted Chiloschista species (Orchidaceae: Aeridinae) from Bhutan
Two new spotted species of Chiloschista from Bhutan are described, illustrated, and compared with similar species, and a comparison between the three is provided. Expand


Chiloschista Lindl . Orchid genera in Thailand 14 . Fifty - nine vandoid Genera
  • Opera Botanica
  • 1988