A new species of Tupiperla Froehlich, 1969 (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) from Serra da Jibóia, Bahia, Brazil.

  title={A new species of Tupiperla Froehlich, 1969 (Plecoptera: Gripopterygidae) from Serra da Jib{\'o}ia, Bahia, Brazil.},
  author={T{\'a}cio Duarte and Pit{\'a}goras Da Conceiç{\~a}o Bispo and Adolfo Ricardo Calor},
  volume={3835 1},
The gripopterygid genus Tupiperla comprises 18 species, 16 have been recorded from Brazil, including T. guariru n. sp., described here. The new species was collected from streams in the Serra da Jibóia region, Bahia State, Brazil using light traps. Additional material from Amargosa, Bahia State, Brazil was also studied. 
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Zusammenfassung Auf Seite(n) 18–19 befindet sich eine Liste der vom Verfasser als gultig angesehenen, von Brasilien bekannten Gripopterygiden. Die wichtigsten Anderungen gegenuber Illies’ Revision

Levantamento da avifauna da Fazenda Jequitibá (Serra da Jibóia), município de Elísio Medrado/Bahia

Introdução: A Serra da Jibóia é um maciço serrano situado na porção sul do Recôncavo Baiano do Estado da Bahia entre os municípios de Castro Alves, São Miguel das Matas, Varzedo, Elíseo Medrado e