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A new species of Thottea Rottb. (Aristolochiaceae) from India

  title={A new species of Thottea Rottb. (Aristolochiaceae) from India},
  author={K. Swarupanandan},
Thottea dinghoui Swarup., sp. nov. is described from Kerala India. This is the first record of a species of Thottea with biseriate stamens from India. 
Thottea abrahamii a New Species of Aristolochiaceae from Peninsular India
Thottea abrahamii M. Dan, P.J. Mathew, C.M. Unnithan & P. Pushpangadan sp. nov. T dinghouii Swarupan. affinis sed plantis robustioribus, pedunculis pauciorinodis, floribus brunneolis, pedicellis
Thottea adichilthottiana (Aristolochiaceae), a new species from Ernakulam, Western Ghats, India
A new species of Thottea Rottb. (Aristolochiaceae) from Ernakulam District, Kerala, India, Thottea adichilthottiana Sunil and Naveen Kumar, is described and illustrated. The species is most similar
Thottea sasidharaniana sp. nov. (Aristolochiaceae) from Peninsular India
A new species from the southern part of the Western Ghats, India is described and illustrated, which resembles T. tomentosa in having 6 distinct anthers, but the non-urceolate flowers and the inflorescence architecture distinguish T. sasidharaniana from T. dinghoui.
Implications from molecular phylogenetic data for systematics, biogeography and growth form evolution of Thottea (Aristolochiaceae)
A first molecular phylogeny based on the chloroplast trnK intron, matK gene andtrnK-psbA spacer is presented and confirms the monophyly of the genus Thottea, which holds a key position between the herbaceous Asaroideae and the woody Aristolochioideae.
Hacia una filogenia de Aristolochia y sus congeneres neotropicales
The two monospecific South American genera Euglypha and Holostylis resulted to be placed in crown clades, as the sister groups of Aristolochia subser.