A new species of Rhinophis Hemprich, 1820 (Reptilia: Serpentes: Uropeltidae) from Rakwana massif, Sri Lanka

  title={A new species of Rhinophis Hemprich, 1820 (Reptilia: Serpentes: Uropeltidae) from Rakwana massif, Sri Lanka},
  author={L. J. Mendis Wickramasinghe and Dulan Ranga Vidanapathirana and Nethu Wickramasinghe and P. Nayanaka Ranwella},
A new species of Rhinophis, Rhinophis erangaviraji sp. nov. is described, the tenth species of the genus known from Sri Lanka. The new species is readily distinguished from all other congeners by its colour pattern and scalation. Morphometric analysis supports the distinction of the new species from the superficially similar R. blythii. The new species is known only from the Rakwana massif, where it has been collected in shady areas, within loose soil. 
Two new species of Rhinophis Hemprich (Serpentes: Uropeltidae) from Sri Lanka
Two new species of uropeltid (shieldtail) snake are described from Sri Lanka; Rhinophis lineatus sp. nov. from Harasbedda, near Ragala, and Rhinophis zigzag sp. nov. from Bibilegama, near Passara.
A new Indian species of Rhinophis Hemprich, 1820 closely related to R. sanguineus Beddome, 1863 (Serpentes: Uropeltidae).
A new species of the uropeltid (shieldtail snake) genus Rhinophis is described based on a type series of seven specimens from the Wayanad region of the Western Ghats of peninsular India, which had been misidentified as the phenotypically similar and parapatric R. sanguineus.
This discovery is the first record Rhinophis in the Eastern Ghats and is also the first new Indian uropeltid species described for nearly a century.
Recharacterization of Rhinophis dorsimaculatus Deraniyagala, 1941 (Serpentes: Uropeltidae), including description of new material.
The Sri Lankan uropeltid (shieldtail) snake Rhinophis dorsimaculatus Deraniyagala, 1941 was described originally from two specimens that were subsequently lost, and an additional 10 specimens from a historical collection from the vicinity of the type locality recently came to light that help corroborate the taxonomic validity and distinctiveness of the species.
Comparative Skull Morphology of Uropeltid Snakes (Alethinophidia: Uropeltidae) with Special Reference to Disarticulated Elements and Variation
Trends in the relative enlargement of the sensory capsules, reduction in cranial ossification and dentition, fusion of elements, and the appearance of novel morphological conditions, may be related to fossoriality and miniaturization in some uropeltid taxa and may complicate analysis of relationships within Uropeltidae and among alethinophidian snakes.
A catalogue and systematic overview of the shield-tailed snakes (Serpentes: Uropeltidae)
It is hoped that this study will provide a platform for ongoing research into the Uropeltidae, including the description of cryptic species, clarifying the phylogenetic placement of some remaining taxa, and quantifying the range of intra- and inter-specific variation in crucial morphological characters.
Herpetofaunal diversity and distribution in Kalugala proposed forest reserve, Western province of Sri Lanka
Kalugala Proposed Forest Reserve (KPFR) is a primary lowland tropical rain forest, sur- rounded by secondary forest and vegetation disturbed by human activities such as cultivation, logging, and the
Knowledge and Attitude on highly Venomous snakes by Questionnaire survey among the Students of Rajarata University, Mihintale, Sri Lanka
It is indicated that most of the students have an idea of the first aid for snakes bite except several questions such as apply a tourniquet, give some aspirin, give large amount of water and food and remove skin from where snake bite, however they have keen knowledge on preventing the snake bite.