A new species of Paradiplogynium (Acari: Diplogyniidae) from Titanolabis colossea (Dohrn) (Dermaptera: Anisolabididae), Australia's largest earwig

  title={A new species of Paradiplogynium (Acari: Diplogyniidae) from Titanolabis colossea (Dohrn) (Dermaptera: Anisolabididae), Australia's largest earwig},
  author={Owen D. Seeman},
  • O. Seeman
  • Published 4 January 2007
  • Biology
  • Zootaxa
Paradiplogynium nahmani sp. n. is described from three specimens taken from the Colossus Earwig Titanolabis colossea (Dohrn) in Australia. This new species differs from its only congeneric species, Paradiplogynium panesthia Womersley, by its larger body size and presence of one pair of latigynial setae (instead of two pairs). Setal designations are given for leg setae. Leg chaetotaxy for this species is compared with previous data and is generally, but not entirely, consistent with other… 

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