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A new species of Neocallichirus, N. angelikae, from South Australia (Decapoda: Callianassidae)

  title={A new species of Neocallichirus, N. angelikae, from South Australia (Decapoda: Callianassidae)},
  author={Katsushi Sakai},
A new species, Neocallichirus angelikae, from a stony flat, at Ceduna, Murat Bay, South Australia, is described. Neocallichirus angelikae can be separated from the only other South Australian species N. limosa by the lengths of antennular and antennal peduncles, the forms of the chelipeds, the female Plpl, and the presence of anterolateral spines. Neocallichirus angelikae is morphologically closest to N. nickellae MANNING, 1993 from Tobago, Carribean. 

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