A new species of Mesochaetopterus (Annelida, Chaetopteridae) from Hong Kong, with comments on the phylogeny of the family.

  title={A new species of Mesochaetopterus (Annelida, Chaetopteridae) from Hong Kong, with comments on the phylogeny of the family.},
  author={Yanjie Zhang and Greg W. Rouse and J W Qiu},
  volume={3974 4},
We described a new species, Mesochaetopterus tingkokensis, based on 14 specimens collected from an intertidal area in Hong Kong. This species is large (body length of complete specimens 17.9-24.1 cm), with 9, 2 and 36-41 chaetigers in region A, B and C, respectively. It belongs to a small group of Mesochaetopterus species with an expanded wing-shaped notopodia in chaetiger B2. The new species can be distinguished from other Mesochaetopterus species in this group by having a pair of palps with… 
Description of a new species of Eulepethus (Annelida, Eulepethidae) from the northern South China Sea, and comments on the phylogeny of the family.
This new species can be distinguished from Eulepethus hamifer, the only previously described species in this genus, by having up to two spade-shaped lateral processes in some of the anterior elytrae, a blunt-tipped acicular chaeta in the neuropodia of segment 3, and a pair of non-overlapping elyTrae in each posterior segment.
Phylogenetic analyses of Chaetopteridae (Annelida)
Chaetopteridae was monophyletic in the molecular phylogeny, and united by a number of morphological features, including a single pair of grooved peristomial palps, three morphologically distinct tagmata (A, B, C) and the presence of stout, modified cutting chaetae on anterior chaetiger 4 (A4).
A new species of Chaetopterus (Annelida: Chaetopteridae) from eastern Canada, with a redescription of Chaetopterus norvegicus M. Sars, 1835
Chaetopterus is a globally distributed genus of marine Annelida with a long history of taxonomic confusion. Here, we describe Chaetopterus bruneli sp. nov. from a depth of 350 m in the St. Lawrence
A New Species in the Marphysa sanguinea Complex (Annelida, Eunicidae) from Hong Kong.
Molecular analyses indicated that the cytochrome oxidase c subunit I gene and 16S RNA gene of Marphysa hongkongensa diverged from the corresponding sequence of the closest related species of MarPhysa in GenBank by 19.5% and 12.1%, respectively.
Catalogue of Polychaete species (Annelida) described from China Seas during 2008–2017
China Seas are one of the most diverse regions in the Pacific. Though much effort has been made to explore its biodiversity, the polychaetes diversity is still poorly known. A large number of species
Devonian agglutinated polychaete tubes: all in all it's just another grain in the wall
This fossil is characterized by an agglutinated tube made of silt-sized particles forming an unusual flanged morphology that is not known from the fossil record, which suggests an early divergence of the Sedentaria clade may have occurred before the Devonian.
Population Ecology and Phylogenetic Relationship of Benthic Polychaete Species along the West Coast of India
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A new species of Chaetopterus (Annelida, Chaetopteridae) from Hong Kong
This species is small (body length: 11.5 mm), with nine, five and 10–16 chaetigers in regions A, B and C, respectively, and belongs to a small group of epibenthic Chaetopterus species with long notopodia in region C.
Description of a new species of Mesochaetopterus (Annelida, Polychaeta, Chaetopteridae), with redescription of Mesochaetopterus xerecus and an approach to the phylogeny of the family
The analyses of partial sequences from the nuclear 18S rRNA and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I genes of representative individuals of all known chaetopterid genera indicated the initial assignment of the new species into Mesochaetopterus, and supported the monophyly of the family and revealed two well-supported clades.
Redescription of Mesochaetopterus selangolus (Polychaeta: Chaetopteridae), Based on Type Specimens and Recently Collected Material from Morib Beach, Malaysia
The type specimens and recently collected material were studied and Sasekumaria selangola was transferred to the genus Mesochaetopterus, which has the characteristic body construction of this family, with distinct middle and posterior regions.
Chaetopterid Polychaetes from Taiwan and Okinawa Island (Japan), with Descriptions of Two New Species
Chaetopterid polychaetes (Annelida: Spionida) were studied in shallow-water sandy and muddy areas of Taiwan and Okinawa I., Japan and compared the species reported here with other Pacific chaetopterids.
Chaetopterus and Mesochaetopterus (Polychaeta: Chaetopteridae) from the Galapagos Islands, with Descriptions of Four New Species
The presence of Mesochaetopterus minutus Potts, 1914 in Galapagos, the only chaetopterid previously recorded from the archipelago is confirmed and compared to other Pacific species of the genus in detail.
A new species of Phyllochaetopterus (Annelida: Chaetopteridae) from deep-sea hydrothermal Ashadze-1 vent field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: taxonomical description and partial COI DNA sequence
A phylogenetic tree has been further built using all other COI chaetopterid polychaete sequences found in Genbank to infer phylogenetic position of the new species, Phyllochaetopterus polus, which adds to the previous observations of close proximity of communities associated to whale falls and hydrothermal vents communities.
New systematic results based on chaetal hard structures in Mesochaetopterus (Polychaeta)
This research adds to the growing literature that suggests truly cosmopolitan species, specifically within the genus Meesochaetopterus and possibly within the Chaetopteridae as a whole, are increasingly difficult to find.
Description and Relationships of Chaetopterus pugaporcinus, an Unusual Pelagic Polychaete (Annelida, Chaetopteridae)
The first molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Chaetopteridae was carried out in order to appropriately place and name the new chaetopterus pugaporcinus, providing the first molecular evidence that Chaetpterus variopedatus sensu Hartman (1959) is not a single cosmopolitan species.
The Polychaete Worms: Definitions and Keys to the Orders, Families and Genera
A review of the classification of the Class Polychaeta (Annelida) with comments on the characters used to identify the different included taxa has led to the recognition of seventeen orders. All taxa
A molecular phylogeny of annelids
Parsimony analyses of annelids based on the largest taxon sample and most extensive molecular data set yet assembled suggest that the poor resolution in the basal parts of the trees presented here may be due to lack of signal connected to incomplete data sets, rapid radiation events and/or uneven evolutionary rates and long‐branch attraction.