A new species of Isocyamus (Amphipoda: Cyamidae) from Kogia breviceps (De Blainville, 1838) in Australian waters

  title={A new species of Isocyamus (Amphipoda: Cyamidae) from Kogia breviceps (De Blainville, 1838) in Australian waters},
  author={E. Sedlak-Weinstein},
  journal={Systematic Parasitology},
Isocyamus kogiae n. sp. is described from a pygmy sperm whale Kogia breviceps (De Blainville, 1838) stranded on Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia. It belongs in the genus Isocyamus because of its white appearance, epaulette-like processes at the anterior dorsum of pereon segment 2, lateral spines on segments 3 and 4, reduced maxilliped, and absence of maxilliped palps, large accessory gills and dentate comb on the dactyle of gnathopod 1. It differs from Isocyamus delphini (Guerin-Meneville… CONTINUE READING
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