A new soldier beetle of the extinct tribe Cacomorphocerini Fanti amp; Kupryjanowicz, 2018.

  title={A new soldier beetle of the extinct tribe Cacomorphocerini Fanti amp; Kupryjanowicz, 2018.},
  author={Fabrizio Fanti and Mary K. Pankowski},
  volume={4651 3},
A new fossil Cacomorphocerus Schaufuss, 1892 from Baltic amber, i.e., Cacomorphocerus coleae sp. nov. is described. Related to C. eocenicus Bukejs, Fanti McKellar, 2019, the new species is characterized by 12 antennomeres that are little modified, with antennomere VI saucer-shaped and asymmetrical, antennomere V enlarged and antennomeres VII and VIII squarish and sub-rectangular. The slightly modified antennae of some species of Cacomorphocerus confirm a relationship with the genus… 

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