A new site-specific endonuclease, ScaI, from Streptomyces caespitosus.

  title={A new site-specific endonuclease, ScaI, from Streptomyces caespitosus.},
  author={H. Takahashi and Hiroyuki Kojima and Haruo Saito},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={231 1},
A new site-specific endonuclease has been isolated from Streptomyces caespitosus and named ScaI. Based on analysis of sequences around the restriction sites in pBR322 and pBR325, the recognition sequence of ScaI endonuclease was deduced to be a new hexanucleotide 5'-AGTACT-3'. The cleavage site was determined by comparing the ScaI-cleaved product of a primer-extended M13mp18-SCA DNA, which contains an AGTACT sequence, with dideoxy chain terminator ladders of the same DNA. ScaI was found to… Expand
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