A new proposed approach for moment capacity estimation of ferrocement members using Group Method of Data Handling

  title={A new proposed approach for moment capacity estimation of ferrocement members using Group Method of Data Handling},
  author={Hosein Naderpour and Danial Rezazadeh Eidgahee and Pouyan Fakharian and Amir Hossein Rafiean and Seyed Meisam Kalantari},
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Response Surface Methodology Approach to Predict the Flexural Moment of Ferrocement Composites with Weld Mesh and Steel Slag as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate

Design of Experiment-Response surface methodology approach is adopted to obtain the optimal flexural moment of ferrocement composites comprising galvanised square weld mesh with weight fraction of

Empirical Formulation of Ferrocement Members Moment Capacity Using Artificial Neural Networks

Two models were presented for a predict of the moment capacity of ferrocement members, one based on a back-propagation multilayer perceptron artificial neural network and the other proposing a new equation based on the multilayers perceptron network trained.

Effect of Adding Polypropylene Fibres to Flexural Strength of Ferrocement

Developing a lightweight structure is a increasing trend throughout the globe in the construction industry. For this form of building, Ferrocement, a thin-shell concrete strengthened with continuous

Journal of Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering

Article history: Received: 23 January 2018 Accepted: 11 June 2018 The strength and ductility of concrete are improved under multi-axial compressive stress due to confinement effect. Some effective

Compressive Strength Estimation of Mesh Embedded Masonry Prism Using Empirical and Neural Network Models

Presently, the mesh embedment in masonry is becoming a trendy research topic. In this paper, the mesh embedded masonry prism was cast and tested. The experimental data were used for the analytical

Predicting Post-Fire Behavior of Green Geopolymer Mortar Containing Recycled Concrete Aggregate via GEP Approach

In the present study, 20 models were developed using gene expression programming (GEP) to predict the compressive strength and mass loss of geopolymer mortar (GPM) containing recycled concrete

Application of Contourlet Transform in Damage Localization and Severity Assessment of Prestressed Concrete Slabs

In this paper, the location and severity of damages in prestressed concrete slabs are assessed using the contourlet transform as a novel signal processing method. To achieve this goal, the numerical

Journal of Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering

Article history: Received: 08 June 2018 Accepted: 14 July 2018 Seismic pounding occurs as a result of lateral vibration and insufficient separation distance between two adjacent structures during



Effect Of Wire Mesh Orientation On Strength Of Beams Retrofitted Using Ferrocement Jackets

Various retrofitting techniques are used in field and out of all plate bonding technique is considered as the best. In this technique, the plates of different materials viz CFRP, GFRP, ferrocement

Repairing reinforced concrete beams by ferrocement

This paper presents a proposed method for repairing reinforced concrete beams using ferrocement laminates as a viable alternative to steel plates which are directly glued to the cracked tension face


Although the ultimate flexural capacity of ferrocement beams has been successfully predicted, few attempts have been made to predict deflections and crack widths under loading. Experiments were

Strength of ligthweight ferrocement in flexure


Assessment of the effectiveness of ferrocement strengthening techniques i.e., cast in situ Ferro-mesh layers and precast ferrocement Laminate is the aim of this experimental investigation. To

Flexural strength assessment of ferrocement confined reinforced concrete (FCRC) beams

The characteristic equation of the stress strain curve for ferrocement confined reinforced concrete (FCRC) is used to evolve a procedure for generating the complete moment - curvature diagrams of