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A new pressure sensor array for local normal stress measurement in complex fluids

  title={A new pressure sensor array for local normal stress measurement in complex fluids},
  author={Gauthier Anais and Pruvost Mickael and Gamache Olivier and Colin Annie},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
A new pressure sensor array, positioned on the bottom plate of a standard torsional rheometer is presented. It is built from a unique piezo-capacitive polymeric foam, and consists of twenty-five capacitive pressure sensors (of surface 4.5$\times$4.5 mm$^2$ each) built together in a 5$\times$5 regular array. The sensor array is used to obtain a local mapping of the normal stresses in complex fluids, which dramatically extends the capability of the rheometer. We demonstrate this with three… 

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