A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB17 (D22S181).


Source/Description: NB17 is a 0.7 kb HindlO-EcoRI fragment isolated from two pooled chromosome 22 specific libraries (AT-CC # 57733 and ATCC # 57714) and was subcloned into pUC9. Polymorphism: Bgin or TaqI digestion of genomic DNA and hybridization with the probe detects a two allele polymorphism: Bgin (Al: 12.5 kb, A2: 4.0 kb) with a constant band at 3.0… (More)


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@article{Deprez1991ANP, title={A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB17 (D22S181).}, author={Ronald H Lekanne Deprez and Nick van Biezen and Petra Heutink and K R Boejharat and Annelies J E M M de Klein and Ad H M Geurts van Kessel and Ellen C. Zwarthoff}, journal={Nucleic acids research}, year={1991}, volume={19 3}, pages={686} }