A new plankton trap for use in the collection of rocky intertidal zooplankton

  title={A new plankton trap for use in the collection of rocky intertidal zooplankton},
  author={Aaron Carr Setran},
  journal={Limnology and Oceanography},
Intertidal energy levels historicallylight and nocturnal tidal cycles. Diurnal differences in taxon abundances suggest diurnal vertical migration. have precluded the use of conventional plankton sampling methods in rocky inshore habitats. A new sampling device (intertidal plankton trap) that exploits wave surge was used to determine the composition, distribution, and abundance patterns of zooplankton from the surf zone of a rocky shore habitat. On three separate dates, replicate traps were used… 

Circadiel patterns in the tidal plankton of a sandy beach in Zeebrugge (Belgium)

The intertidal fauna of a Belgian sandy beach was sampled on an hourly basis with a hand-pushed sledge to study circadiel patterns in species composition to find out the most important variables explaining the variation in the Canonical Correspondence Analysis.

Spatio-temporal variability of larval abundance and settlement of Perna perna: differential delivery of mussels

We examined larval availability and settlement of the intertidal mussel Perna perna simultaneously at different spatial and temporal scales using a nested design at 2 sites, 3 km apart on the south

An improved and simplified trap for quantifying the distribution and supply of planktonic larvae to rocky shores

A modified and improved plankton trap for use on rocky shores which allows assessment of spatial and temporal variation of on-shore larval supply.

Larval supply and recruitment of benthic invertebrates: do larvae always disperse as much as we believe?

  • C. Todd
  • Environmental Science
  • 2004
The concept of larval supply, and the relative importance of pre- and post-settlement processes as structuring agents of marine benthic invertebrate assemblages and communities are discussed. Because

A portable, low-cost, multipurpose, surface–subsurface plankton sampler

This note describes a portable, low-cost, pump-based, multi-purpose, surface-subsurface, phytoplankton and zooplankton sampler. It is self-powered by a small 12 VDC battery, and is portable and ideal

Acoplamento plâncton-bentos: o papel do suprimento larval na estrutura das comunidades bentônicas de costões rochosos

Understanding of the mechanisms driving larval transport and how the different populations in the rocky shores interconnect will certainly prove fundamental for designing adequate conservation and management plans.

Characterisation of the supply-settlement relationship for Semibalanus balanoides (L.) along a wave swept coast in Fife, East Scotland

1 Chapter 1 – Introduction 1.1 Larval ecology 2.1.1 Community dynamics 2 1.2 Consequences of larval recruitment 4 1.3 Larval dynamics: Dispersal and mortality 6 1.4 Semibalanus balanoides 18 1.5 Aims of study and wider implications 20 Chapter 2 Wave Sensors 2.2.