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A new modular approach to the composition of film music.

  title={A new modular approach to the composition of film music.},
  author={Bartlomiej P. Walus},
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Transposing from screen to stage : creating and implementing an analitical framework for incidental music during a theatre production
In this study the untrodden field of incidental music in theatre was inspected. Due to the lack of resources in this field, techniques used in film music were applied to incidental music in theatre
Music emotions and associations in film music listening: The example of leitmotifs from The Lord of the Rings movies
The aim of the present study was to investigate which musical emotions and associations appeared while listening to leitmotifs in film music. A sample of 157 participants took part in the study, in
Virtual Reality, Trauma and Empathy
This chapter, in two parts, provides detailed case study examples of multiple ways of deploying a subjective approach to VR utilising select VR productions—[08:46] (2015), Kiya (2016), Collisions


Towards an Aesthetic of Film Music: Musicology Meets the Film Soundtrack
ABSTRACT Film, though often thought of as a visual art, actually acts as one of the most important canvases upon which modern composers practice the art of music; however, the meeting of sight and
The Spectre of Sound: Music in Film and Television
This book is a major new study - dealing with notions of film music as a device that desires to control its audience, using a most powerful thing: emotion. The author emphasises the manipulative and
A History of Film Music
A History of Film Music. By Mervyn Cooke. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. [xxii, 562 p. ISBN 978-0-521-81173-6 (hardback) $120; ISBN 978-0-521-01048-1 (paperback) $24.99] Scholarly
Film Music: A Very Short Introduction
The rich and deeply moving sounds of film music are as old as cinema itself. Even the very first projected moving images were accompanied by music in many places as a variety of performers - from
Film music : critical approaches
For something we often barely notice music in films is usually highly effective. It creates tension, elicits emotion and is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the cinematic experience.
Film Music: A History
a. transition: Edison’s ideas b. Early technologies (pre-1927) (Edison, De Forester, etc.) c. Anticipations of a great future (Carl Van Vechten, George Antheil, etc.) d. Problems of amplification,
QSketcher: an environment for composing music for film
Novel aspects of the system include a free-form 'idea space', a main workspace that can be configured to individual needs, an "idea capturing" facility, a workflow tracking mechanism through which previous workspace states can be examined and restored, and the ability to create a variety of relationships among musical elements.
Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema
An alternate way to get ideas would be to check another sound design the expressive power of music voice and sound effects in cinema.
Music and the Silent Film: Contexts and Case Studies, 1895-1924
Most people's view of silent film music is of a pianist playing old warhorse scores while watching the flickering screen. This innovative book shows that there was much more to silent film music and
The role of the music editor and the ‘temp track’ as blueprint for the score, source music, and scource music of films
The ‘temp track’, a temporary mock-up of a film's soundtrack, is assembled from pre-existing music prior to the real, commissioned score being composed. An integral element of the post-production