A new model of avian embryonic metabolism.

  title={A new model of avian embryonic metabolism.},
  author={Donald F. Hoyt},
  journal={The Journal of experimental zoology. Supplement : published under auspices of the American Society of Zoologists and the Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry},
  • Donald F. Hoyt
  • Published in
    The Journal of experimental zoology. Supplement…
A new model of avian embryonic metabolism is proposed that more accurately describes the available data. The model assumes that embryonic metabolism can be described by the equation VO2 = A X massB + C X growth rate. Empirically determined values of A, B, and C were used to predict the values of these parameters for the species whose preinternal pipping rate of O2 consumption (PIP) and total energy used during incubation (TOT) have been measured. Different patterns of growth were assumed for… CONTINUE READING

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