A new model of agent spawning and mobility


Mobile agent technology is becoming more popular and has been implemented in many distributed computing domains. Several research have been conducted to address its challenges including two most important ones which are agent spawning and agent mobility. This paper discusses the issues of mobile agent technology, the background of mobile agent cloning and spawning, agent mobility as well as the problems faced by many researchers in their research on mobile agents. The paper finally proposes new agent spawning and mobility models to resolve some of the researchers' problems.

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@article{Alshaki2016ANM, title={A new model of agent spawning and mobility}, author={Osama Treef Alshaki and Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad and Moamin A. Mahmoud}, journal={2016 2nd International Symposium on Agent, Multi-Agent Systems and Robotics (ISAMSR)}, year={2016}, pages={45-50} }