A new method of camera pose estimation using 2D-3D corner correspondence


Estimation of camera pose from image to space feature correspondence is a basic problem in image analysis and understanding. This paper presents a new method for the estimation of camera pose from 2D to 3D corner correspondence. Two cases are considered: the orthogonal corner and the general corner. The contribution of the work is in two folds: one is that the camera pose parameters, i.e., the orientation and location, are easily recovered from one corner and one nonsingular point correspondences over a single view; the other is that experiments using simulated data are conducted which present good results, and experiments using real images show that the method is promising.

DOI: 10.1016/j.patrec.2004.03.010

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@article{Shi2004ANM, title={A new method of camera pose estimation using 2D-3D corner correspondence}, author={Fanhuai Shi and Xiaoyun Zhang and Yuncai Liu}, journal={Pattern Recognition Letters}, year={2004}, volume={25}, pages={1155-1163} }