A new method for estimating the scale of fluctuation in reliability assessment of reinforced concrete structures considering spatial variability

  title={A new method for estimating the scale of fluctuation in reliability assessment of reinforced concrete structures considering spatial variability},
  author={Yiming Yang and Jianxin Peng and Jian-ren Zhang and Chun Sheng Cai},
  journal={Advances in Structural Engineering},
  pages={1951 - 1962}
The scale of fluctuation (θ) of the material and geometrical parameters is the basis of studying the spatial variability of reinforced concrete structures. In this article, a new estimation method for the scale of fluctuation based on Bayesian information criterion is proposed. And based on the analysis of experimental data recorded on the three 36-year-old beams of the Jianggong Bridge and 246 corroded steel bars, the scale of fluctuation (θ) of concrete compressive strength (fc) and steel… Expand

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