A new measurement of the neutron detection efficiency for the NaI Crystal Ball detector

  title={A new measurement of the neutron detection efficiency for the NaI Crystal Ball detector},
  author={Maxim Martemianov and Viacheslav V. Kulikov and Berhan Demissie and Zoe Marinides and Chandrasekhar Akondi and J.R.M. Annand and H. -J. Arends and Richard A. Beck and N. S. Borisov and Alessandro Braghieri and William J. Briscoe and S. N. Cherepnya and Cristina Collicott and Susanna Costanza and E. J. Downie and Manuel Dieterle and Maria Isabel Ferretti Bondy and L. V. Fil’kov and S. Garni and D. I. Glazier and D. Glowa and Wolfgang Gradl and G. M. Gurevich and David Hornidge and G M Huber and A. Kaeser and V. Kashevarov and Irakli Keshelashvili and R. L. Kondratiev and Marina Korolija and B. Krusche and A. B. Lazarev and James Mugambi Linturi and V. P. Lisin and Kenneth Livingston and I. J. D. MacGregor and D. Mark Manley and P. P. Martel and Duncan G. Middleton and Rory Allen Miskimen and A. N. Mushkarenkov and A. B. Neganov and Andreas Neiser and Mark W. Oberle and Michael Ostrick and Patrik Ott and P. B. Otte and Baya Oussena and P. Pedroni and A. Polonski and S. N. Prakhov and Guy Ron and Tigran Rostomyan and Adam James Sarty and Diane Schott and Svenja Schumann and Vahe Sokhoyan and O. Steffen and Igor I. Strakovsky and Th. Strub and Ivan Supek and M. Thiel and A. Thomas and Marc Unverzagt and Yu. A. Usov and Stephen Robert Wagner and D P Watts and Johannes Wettig and Dominik Werthm{\"u}ller and Lilian Witthauer and Matthias Wolfes},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
  pages={T04001 - T04001}
We report on a measurement of the neutron detection efficiency in NaI crystals in the Crystal Ball detector obtained from a study of single π0 photoproduction on deuterium using the tagged photon beam at the Mainz Microtron. The results were obtained up to a neutron energy of 400 MeV . They are compared to previous measurements made more than 15 years ago at the pion beam at the BNL AGS. 

Neutron Detection in the A2 Collaboration Experiment on Neutral Pion Photo-production on Neutron

Neutron detection is of crucial importance for the neutral pion photo-production study on a neutron target that now is in progress at MAMI. Two electro-magnetic calorimeters, based on NaI and BaF 2

Neutral Pion Photoproduction on Neutron

The reaction γn → π0n is investigated both theoretically and experimentally as an important step toward determining the electromagnetic coupling constants of the N* and Δ* resonances [1]. We analyze

First investigation of electromagnetic coupling of the d*(2380) hexaquark

This thesis presents the first measurement of the d*(2380) (hexaquark) electromagnetic coupling, extracted from the deuteron photodisintegration (~γd → d∗ → ~np) reaction. The experiment was carried

Cross section for γn→π0n measured at the Mainz A2 experiment

The γ n → π 0 n differential cross section evaluated for 27 energy bins span the photon-energy range 290–813 MeV ( W = 1.195 –1.553 GeV) and the pion c.m. polar production angles, ranging

Strangeness Photoproduction on Quasifree Neutrons

Strangeness photoproduction in the elementary reactions $\gamma N\rightarrow KY$ offers the possibility to study nucleon resonances in the mass region above 1.7 GeV, where the number of states and

Experimental study of the $ \gamma p \rightarrow K^{0}\Sigma^{+}$γp→K0Σ+, $ \gamma n \rightarrow K^{0} \Lambda$γn→K0Λ, and $ \gamma n \rightarrow K^{0} \Sigma^{0}$γn→K0Σ0 reactions at the Mainz Microtron

Abstract.This work measured $ \mathrm{d}\sigma/\mathrm{d}\Omega$dσ/dΩ for neutral kaon photoproduction reactions from threshold up to a c.m. energy of 1855MeV, focussing specifically on the $ \gamma




The Crystal Ball and TAPS detector systems will provide a highly segmented photon and hadron calorimeter for the upgraded MAMI electron beam facility. The capabilities of these detectors and upgrades

Upgrade of the Glasgow photon tagging spectrometer for Mainz MAMI-C

The Glasgow photon tagging spectrometer at Mainz has been upgraded so that it can be used with the 1500MeV electron beam now available from the Mainz microtron MAMI-C. The changes made and the

Photoproduction of mesons off nuclei

Recent results for the photoproduction of mesons off nuclei are reviewed. These experiments have been performed for two major lines of research related to the properties of the strong interaction.

Neutrons and the crystal ball experiments.

The Crystal Ball detector, as originally constructed, consisted of a set of 672 optically-isolated NaI crystals, forming an approximately spherical shell and each crystal viewed by a photomultiplier,

Response of TAPS to monochromatic photons with energies between 45 and 790 MeV

Design and Performance of a Modularized NaI(Tl) Detector (The Crystal Ball Prototype)

A prototye NaI(Tl) detector (the Cluster of 54) of spherical geometry subtending a solid angle of 7.5% of 4¿ at its center, has recently been assembled and tested. This detector consisted of 54

Measurement of neutron detection efficiemcies in NaI using C rystal Ball detector

  • Nucl. Instrum. Methods
  • 2001