A new measure of instability and topological entropy of area-preserving twist diffeomorphisms

  title={A new measure of instability and topological entropy of area-preserving twist diffeomorphisms},
  author={Sini{\vs}a Slijep{\vc}evi{\'c}},
We introduce a new measure of instability of area-preserving twist diffeomorphisms, which generalizes the notions of angle of splitting of separatrices, and flux through a gap of a Cantori. As an example of application, we establish a sharp >0 lower bound on the topological entropy in a neighbourhood of a hyperbolic, unique action-minimizing fixed point, assuming only no topological obstruction to diffusion, i.e. no homotopically non-trivial invariant circle consisting of orbits with the… 

Variational construction of positive entropy invariant measures of Lagrangian systems and Arnold diffusion

We develop a variational method for constructing positive entropy invariant measures of Lagrangian systems without assuming transversal intersections of stable and unstable manifolds, and without

Billiards in generic convex bodies have positive topological entropy

We show that there exists a C open dense set of convex bodies with smooth boundary whose billiard map exhibits a non-trivial hyperbolic basic set. As a consequence billiards in generic convex bodies



Introduction to Ergodic theory

Hyperbolic dynamics studies the iteration of maps on sets with some type of Lipschitz structure used to measure distance. In a hyperbolic system, some directions are uniformly contracted and others

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For an area preserving, monotone twist diffeomorphism and an irrational number ω, we prove that if there is no invariant circle of angular rotation number ω, then there are uncountably many Denjoy

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Arnold diffusion for smooth convex systems of two and a half degrees of freedom

In the present note we announce a proof of a strong form of Arnold diffusion for smooth convex Hamiltonian systems. Let be a 2-dimensional torus and B2 be the unit ball around the origin in . Fix ρ >

Monotone recurrence relations, their Birkhoff orbits and topological entropy

  • S. Angenent
  • Mathematics
    Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • 1990
Abstract A generalization of the class of monotone twistmaps to maps of s1 × RN is proposed. The existence of Birkhoff orbits is studied, and a criterion for positive topological entropy is given.

A formal approximation of the splitting of separatrices in the classical Arnold's example of diffusion with two equal parameters

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Arnold diffusion in arbitrary degrees of freedom and crumpled 3-dimensional normally hyperbolic invariant cylinders

In the present paper we prove a form of Arnold diffusion. The main result says that for a ”generic” perturbation of a nearly integrable system of arbitrary degrees of freedom n > 2 H0(p) +