A new maximal-margin spherical-structured multi-class support vector machine

  title={A new maximal-margin spherical-structured multi-class support vector machine},
  author={Pei-Yi Hao and J. Chiang and Yen-Hsiu Lin},
  journal={Applied Intelligence},
  • Pei-Yi Hao, J. Chiang, Yen-Hsiu Lin
  • Published 2007
  • Computer Science
  • Applied Intelligence
  • Abstract Support vector machines (SVMs), initially proposed for two-class classification problems, have been very successful in pattern recognition problems. For multi-class classification problems, the standard hyperplane-based SVMs are made by constructing and combining several maximal-margin hyperplanes, and each class of data is confined into a certain area constructed by those hyperplanes. Instead of using hyperplanes, hyperspheres that tightly enclosed the data of each class can be used… CONTINUE READING

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