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A new look at Ternary Boolean Algebras

  title={A new look at Ternary Boolean Algebras},
  author={J. P. Fatelo and Nelson Martins-Ferreira},
We present a new approach to ternary Boolean algebras in which negation is derived from the ternary operation. The key aspect is the replacement of complete commutativity by other axioms that do not require the ternary operation to be symmetric. 


Median algebras
A median algebra is a ternary algebra which satisfies all the identities true for the median operation in distributive lattices and all intrinsic semilattice orders on a median algebra are exhibited and characterized in several ways. Expand
A ternary operation in distributive lattices
I t can be easily seen that the graph [l , p. 9 ] , 1 of the Boolean algebra B of 2 elements (consisting of the vertices and edges of an n-cube) has 2(n\) "link-automorphisms," whereas B has onlyExpand
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Ternary Boolean algebras
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Postulates for Boolean algebras in terms of ternary rejections
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Single Identities for Ternary Boolean AlgebrasR
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