A new locus for hemiplegic migraine maps to chromosome 1q31.

  title={A new locus for hemiplegic migraine maps to chromosome 1q31.},
  author={Kathy L. Gardner and M. Michael Barmada and Louis J. Pt{\'a}cek and Eric P. Hoffman},
  volume={49 5},
A single familial hemiplegic migraine locus has been previously mapped to 19p13.1 and associated with mutations in a calcium channel gene (CACNL1A4). We describe a new 39-member four-generation family from Wyoming of German-Native American descent with autosomal dominant familial hemiplegic migraine that is not linked to the chromosome 19p locus. Affected individuals showed a stereotypic pattern of migrainous headache associated with hemisensory and hemiparetic attacks, without other headache… CONTINUE READING

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