A new locality for meteoric iron with a preliminary notice of the discovery of diamonds in the iron

  title={A new locality for meteoric iron with a preliminary notice of the discovery of diamonds in the iron},
  author={Albert E. Foote},
  journal={American Journal of Science},
  pages={413 - 417}
  • A. Foote
  • Geology
  • American Journal of Science
Effect of lonsdaleite on the optical properties of impact diamonds
Abstract The special features of impact diamonds are the orientation of the nanosized grains relative to each other, the presence of hexagonal diamond (lonsdaleite, L) in a large part of the samplesExpand
Stability, elastic properties and deformation behavior of graphene-based diamond-like phases
Abstract The stability, elastic moduli and deformation behavior of graphene-based diamond-like phases are examined by molecular dynamics simulations. Three important criteria are considered to studyExpand
Between Gilbert and Barringer: Joseph A. Munk as Unknown Pioneer of the Meteorite Model and Geotourist Exploitation of Coon Mountain (Arizona)
  • G. Racki
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • 2019
In the history of the study of Meteor Crater, there is an interlude between its initial geologic exploration in early 1890s (finalized by the seminal publication of the volcanic model by Gilbert inExpand
Quantifying hexagonal stacking in diamond
This work proposes a systematic protocol for assigning specific hexagonality attributes to the mineral designated as lonsdaleite among natural and synthetic samples. Expand
A Dutch contribution to early interpretations of Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA – Marten Edsge Mulder’s ignored 1911 paper
Abstract Following the first scientific descriptions in the late nineteenth century, the origin of the curious structure currently known as Meteor Crater (or Barringer Crater) in Arizona (USA)Expand
Effect of Explosion on Materials
Shock wave is a narrow region of compression propagating through matter at a supersonic speed. It can be generated by a chemical or nuclear explosion, an impact of a projectile, flash vaporization ofExpand
Julius Kaljuvee, Ivan Reinwald, and Estonian pioneering ideas on meteorite impacts and cosmic neocatastrophism in the early 20th century
The article comprehensively presents little known Estonian contribution to the recognition of first meteorite impact structures in Europe, related to works of Julius Kaljuvee (Kalkun; 1869–1940) andExpand
Yakutites: Are they impact diamonds from the Popigai crater?
Abstract Yakutites are coarse (up to 15 mm or larger) aggregates dispersed for more than 500 km around the Popigai meteorite crater. They share many features of similarity with impact diamonds foundExpand
Lonsdaleite Films with Nanometer Thickness.
The properties of potentially the stiffest quasi-2-D films with lonsdaleite structure are investigated and the nonlinear dependence of the band gap on the films' thicknesses and their lower effective masses in comparison with bulk crystal is established. Expand