A new kind of impulse noise filter based on PCNN

  title={A new kind of impulse noise filter based on PCNN},
  author={Ma Yi-de and Shi Fei and Li Lian},
  journal={International Conference on Neural Networks and Signal Processing, 2003. Proceedings of the 2003},
  pages={152-155 Vol.1}
Median filter can inhibit the impulse noise in the image, but it always erodes or dilates the edges of images. H.S. Ranganath mentioned that impulse noise could be removed through modifying the intensity of those contaminated pixels step by step using PCNN. Obviusly, this method consumes much more time in computation. Combining the PCNN model with the median filter, this paper presents an impulse noise filter based on a simplified PCNN model which has less parameters. Not only can it remove the… CONTINUE READING
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