A new hollow-fiber oxygenator for clinical cardiopulmonary bypass.

  title={A new hollow-fiber oxygenator for clinical cardiopulmonary bypass.},
  author={Leonard A. R. Golding and Floyd D. Loop and John J. Meserko and Martin G Sinkewich and Yukihiko Nose},
  journal={Artificial organs},
  volume={8 4},
A new hollow-fiber oxygenator has become available for clinical cardiopulmonary bypass. It is available in three sizes for adult use, ranging from 3.3 to 5.4 m2. The surface area is dependent on the number of fibers, with blood and oxygen effecting very efficient gas transfer throughout the length of each of the fibers. The clinical experience now covers 100 patients, using the 3.3-m2 device in 16 patients, the 4.3-m2 device in 12 patients, and the 5.4-m2 device in 72 patients. In all cases… CONTINUE READING

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